Wasai Puerto Maldonado

Cozy accommodation surrounded by nature in the heart of the city of Puerto Maldonado, along the Madre de Dios River. It has air conditioning, hot water, views to the river from every room, pool, parking area, wifi, airport transfers and a travel agency that will allow you to optimize your time in the Amazon.

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Wasai Tambopata Lodge

A destination by itself: surrounded by beautiful exotic gardens and hectares of pristine forests, Wasai Tambopata Lodge is as close to a full amazon experience as it gets.

Aside from its beautiful landscapes, and close contact with wildlife, it also has adventure circuits and activities (zip lines, hanging bridges, kayaks) that will ensure an exciting time.

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Puerto Maldonado Hostel

This hostel is a section of Wasai Puerto Maldonado, which means it shares most of the hotel’s privileges (swimming pool, buffet breakfast) but with a unique “backpacker” charm. This is the perfect place to meet and share with travelers from all across the world, enjoying the peruvian amazon rainforest at an affordable price.

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Venado Station

Also used as a research center, Venado Station has one of the most beautiful and privileged locations a lodge can have. Right on front of a lake and surrounded by wildlife (monkeys and macaws are an often sight), this place is perfect for those seeking experiential tourism with affordable prices.

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Our Lodges in Tambopata and Puerto Maldonado

Wether you are looking for comfort, adventure, connection with nature  or relaxation, our different amazon lodges in Tambopata will adapt to your needs and ensure an unforgettable experience. These are strategically located on different points of the Tambopata region, so you will have access to a variety of attractions with a wide range of prices.

Wasai  Puerto Maldonado Eco Lodge is a perfect destination for the traveller that seeks the comforts of a city hotel.By providing rooms with air conditioner, wi-fi connection, bar/restaurant services, massage services, pool area and a privileged location (one block away from the main square and at the river bank), it is positioned as one of the best places in Puerto Maldonado,

But what is more incredible is that it is also a sanctuary for wildlife,  as sloths, nocturnal monkeys and other mammal species are often spotted around the area.



Low on budget? Don’t worry! Puerto Maldonado Hostel is the right choice for you. This is the “backpacker” side of Wasai Maldonado Eco Lodge, being included inside its area. This means the traveller will have access to many of the services (such as pool, restaurant, etc) with a considerably lower cost.

But if what you seek is an intense, deep rainforest experience, then Wasai Tambopata Lodge will fit perfectly. Located 3 hours away from the city by boat, this is the base for expeditions that will make you feel the deepest jungle experience.

And finally, we have an alternative to traditional tourism: Venado Station at the buffer Zone of  Tambopata National Reserve. This is mainly used as a research station, but is also used as a base for experiential tourism, while on the foot of a paradisiac lake and surrounded by pristine forests. Have you made your choice yet? Keep reading about our lodges below!


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It doesn’t matter if you are staying one night or one week in the Amazon, there is always an ideal activity according to your time avaliability. If you want a personalized experience or more information on our products in  Tambopata,  please fill the form below and we will be happy to clear your doubts!

The rainforest awaits you!