Ayahuasca Ceremony 8/7

Ayahuasca Ceremony 8 day /7 nights

This is a special retreat that will accomodate to your own needs and the recommendations of the shaman. It does not have a specific plan, but rather a taylor made schedule for each traveller. The process includes meditation, silence, contemplation in deep contact with nature and opening the possibilities of reaching expanded states of consciousness. You will also have a special diet for detoxification, accompanied by plants, teachers and medicine that the Shaman recommends for each person in particular.

  • 3 ceremonies of Ayahuasca 2 nd, 4th, 6th day.
  • Food according to diets
  • Accommodation at Wasai Tambopata Lodge
  • Rituals at great Dodecahedron and Malokita.
  • Master talks with shaman and facilitators
  • Individual talks in small groups with walks in the forest.
  • Blooming baths.
  • Temezcal.
  • Special meditation trails.
  • Recreational activities such as fishing, hiking, canoeing, zip lines, kayaks, swimming in the river and/or pond.
  • Visits to the medicinal plant garden.
  • Permanent professional counseling (nutritionist and shamanic)


  • Specialized medical advice (psychologist, general medicine)
  • Visits to the Macaw Clay Lick and Sandoval Lake.