Ayahuasca Retreat 5/4

Ayahuasca Retreat 5 days /4 nights

A journey through the depths of your consciousness, surrounded by lush vegetation and pristine nature, housed at Wasai Tambopata Lodge in the heart of the Tambopata Amazon Reserve. This program includes two Ayahuasca sessions, a healing session, trekking through forest reserve, relaxation, encounter with wildlife and amazing flora.

Day 1

Arrival and transfer

You will be received at the airport by a member of our staff and then transferred from the airport to our headquarters in Puerto Maldonado.

Introduction to the Shaman

An orientational talk with a local shaman, where you might learn more about the ritual, clear your doubts and get ready for the next day’s big event. This orientational/guidance conversation may last as long as it needs to.

Off road trip

A 4x4 vehicle will take us through the Inter Oceanic highway, where we will see small villages and farms with livestock of tropical breeds. Afterwards, we will take a detour and start our immersion to the wild through the rainforest routes headed to Venado Station.

Venado Station.

We get down from our vehicles at Venado Sation, a research center located upon a beautiful lake surrounded by wildlife. You can visit the organic farm that provides food to the lodge and have a swim at the lake.

Venado-Wasai trail

The forests between Venado Station and Wasai Tambopata lodge will be the first immersion into the deep rainforest. Plenty of animals inhabit these areas, enhancing the possibility to have an encounter.

Daytime Ceremony

After arriving to Wasai Tambopata Lodge, you will have time to relax and prepare for the fist Ayahuasca Ceremony.

Day 2


The “Maloquita”, located at the foot of a large Lupuna (a sacred giant tree of the Amazon rainforest) is a perfect place for meditation and preparation for the next ceremony. On the way there you will see master plants such as shihuahuaco, renaco bobiensana chacruna and others.

Second ceremony

You will have a free afternoon, with meals according to diet, until the meetup at the big maloka at 5 pm. Upon exchanging some information with the shaman and facilitators, you will begin the second ceremony.

Day 3

Bloming Bath

Blooming baths are a mystical cleansing experience, where you use different flowers and water to wash your body.

Relaxation activities/special meals

You can do as you please around the lodge, but it is better to take it easy for the day, doing activites such as contemplation in silence in your cabins, relaxation walks in the lodge gardens and nearby woods and having meals according to the special diet for each participant.

Day 4

Relaxation activities

Third Ayahuasca Ceremony

Meet up at maloka at around 5 pm for preparation and then have your last Ceremony of this trip.

Day 5

Exchange of views with the shaman

Upon Waking up, you can have a small conversation with the shaman and facilitators where he will help you with the interpretation of the visions.

Transfer to the airport