Full Day Cachuela Center

Full Day Cachuela Center

Centro Cachuela allows everyone to have access to the wonders offered by the Peruvian Amazon. The proximity to Puerto Maldonado allows easy access to anyone interested in visiting and experiencing the intensity of the jungle only half an hour away from the city.

Here you can make trips through the marked trails, paddle on a canoe, try the zip line and canopy tower (35 m. high!), make your own craft chocolate, practice some bow targeting and many other activities!

The activities at Centro Cachuela are mostly non scheduled, so you can do them freely as you wish, taking in consideration that all services end at 5:00 pm. The activities are as following:

Ethno Botanical Walk

The trails in Centro Cachuela shelter a variety of ecosystems. One would be surprised by the amount of species of flora and fauna that can be found so close to the city!

These marked trails with interpretative posters will allow you to learn about the different adaptations to which plants have been subjected to survive, as well as their functions in the animal world and their uses in human areas such as medicine, construction and art.

Zip Line

Experience a small dose of adrenaline gliding through suspended cables above the lake … home of more than one caiman!

Do not worry, we have highly trained staff and top quality equipment to ensure your safety, you will not become anyone’s food.


Whether on the lake or in the river, you can use pole or string to try to capture some local species. If what you are looking for is a relaxed experience and with an almost guaranteed reward, we recommend going to the lake, since in reality it is a hatchery of pacos and gamitanas.

But if you are a more daring fisherman, you can try your luck in the waters of the Madre de Dios River, where there are large trophies, such as the “doncella” and even piranhas.

Canopy tower

With more than 35 meters high, the observation tower emerges above the canopylevel, providing a panoramic view of the entire forest. A sunrise or sunset from this height, with the birds flying at the level of sight and the sounds of the Amazon echoing on the horizon is a moment that will mark a milestone in anyone’s journey.

Bicycle Trails

The routes around Cachuela Center go through extensive areas of secondary forest, where you can discover the diverse flora and wild fauna that inhabit the area. Also, when going through these roads you will have the opportunity to see how local people live, their different types of plantations and the vast fields of livestock.

Take one of our bicycles and venture to explore them!

Chocolate preparation

Using traditional techniques, you can create your own chocolate from cocoa seeds. The process starts from the selection of the best grains of our organic garden, followed by roasting in large pots, grinding to create cocoa powder and finally mixing with sugar and milk depending on taste. All the work will be entirely in your capable hands.

An interactive learning process that culminates with a sweet reward.

Gold Panning

Gold mining carried out in a massive and unscrupulous way is one of the main ecological problems of the region. However, ancient methods were used where the impact on nature was considerably smaller and more controllable.

In the center cachuela you will be able to witness a demonstration of some of the traditional methods that were used to extract this valuable mineral from the earth.