Educational Tour

Educational Tour

In keeping with our interest to promote the conservation of our natural resources, since 1997 we have several educational tours in the amazon rainforest, specifically designed for high school students, university students, and any group of interested people.

These programs are designed as workshops, to develop a better comprehension of the amazon rainforest environment, with the aim to stimulate awareness memorable travel experience. The workshop may be specialized depending on purpose.

Each amazon workshop is comprised of a set of activities that cover all aspects of the rainforest environment: natural history (involving general ecology), adaptations and field methods for the study of plants and animals (advised by field biologists and field guides), cultural history (including visits to local colonists and native communities to learn how they have adapted to live in the amazon rainforest), and economic history (studying the principal products extracted from the region such as gold and Brazilian nuts).

Each group of students is divided into teams of 5 or 6, to participate in each activity. This will provide for a better experience and increase the efficiency of communication with the instructor and safety during field activities and the whole educational tour in the amazon rainforest. Amazon Workshops are taught by a team of professional guides and specialized biologists. Each field instructor has several years of experience teaching high school and undergraduate university students.

Currently some of these activities are part of an ongoing research project and data obtained through the workshops are preliminary analyzed at the end of each activity. A report that further contributes to our knowledge of the local area is then produced and copies are sent to amazon workshop participants of the educational program.

The benefit of these workshops is that they are each based on a special theme. They can be held at several levels and be adapted to cover different aspects of the theme.

The participant will benefit from direct hands-on experience with the natural and cultural environment of this amazon rainforest region. This will also increase one’s opportunity for wildlife encounters.

Each workshop is planned to provide a secure environment with comfortable conditions for the well-being of the participants. Some activities require strenuous activity such as long walks through the forest, while others involve only short walks around the lodge or sitting in a boat.

Our instructors are specialists in Amazonian field work and they have the necessary training to respond in any emergency during activities. Furthermore, our teams all carry the recommended emergency equipment.

Precios: Prices vary depending on the duration, size of the group and activities. Please contact us to start planning this educational retreat!