Parrot Claylick + Full Day Cachuela Center

Parrot Claylick + Full Day Cachuela Center

Centro Cachuela allows everyone to have access to the wonders offered by the Peruvian Amazon. The proximity to Puerto Maldonado allows easy access to anyone interested in visiting and experiencing the intensity of the jungle only half an hour away from the city. In this tour you combine the parrot claylick, (which is a spectacle of wildlife where hundreds of parrots descend to feed on the walls) with all the activities you can do at Centro Cachuela, such as zip lining, climbing the canopy tower, trekking, etc.

Early wake up and boat ride

At 5:00 am we depart from Wasai Puerto Maldonado by boat, on a ride that lasts no more than 30 minutes until we reach the Claylick

Macaw Claylick

Hundreds of parrots will fly around and descend to the claylick to feed, giving us a great spectacle of colors and life.

Centro Cachuela Activities

Here you can perform all the activities that Centro Cachuela has to offer.