Sandoval lake half day

Sandoval lake half day

Sandoval Lake is considered one of the most beautiful destinations in the amazon. It is easy to reach from Puerto Maldonado, but despite its closeness to the city, the wildlife of the place is very rich and well preserved. If you travel to the amazon this is a place you cannot miss. The half day tour offers the opportunity to visit the lake at two different times, the morning and afternoon. Mornings are time of great activity for the animals, but spending the afternoon and watching he sunset on the lake is an astonishing sight. Its your choice!

Early Wake up and boat ride / after lunch boat ride

At 4: 30 am or 12: 30 (depending on your choice) you will depart from Wasai Puerto Maldonado by boat on a 40 minute ride downstream the Madre de Dios River until the access trail to the Lake.

Trail to the Lake

A 3 Km hike to the banks of the lake where you will have the opportunity to observe the great diversity of species of flora in this zone and maybe a group of monkeys or other animals that live in the Reserve.

Canoe Paddling through the lake

With a small canoe, the guide will paddle with you around the lake, enjoying the beauty of the landscape and observing wildlife such as kingfishers, herons, hoatzins (unique prehistoric looking birds) monkeys, etc. If you are lucky you could see the family of giant otters which live there. You can also swim in the lake If you want to.

Return to Puerto Maldonado.

You will be back at the lodge at 11:00 am or 6 pm, depending on the time you chose.