Venado Station

The purpose of Venado Station is to promote research, permaculture, conservation and eco-tourism. It runs entirely on renewable energies, relying on solar panels and a hydro wheel placed on the small waterfall that comes from the lake. There are also plantations you can visit to learn more about local agriculture. culture.

The lodge is a destination by itself, but there are many activities you can do around to get the best out of your rainforest experience, included guided visits to the Macaw Claylick.

Campsite: You can choose to spend the night outdoors for a wilder experience.

Bungalows: For those seeking for a little more comfort, the bungalow area is a more suitable choice.

Eco farming: You can visit the plantations nearby that provide for Wasai and learn about local agriculture.

Kayaking: You can pick a kayak or canoe and paddle through the lake.

Fishing: There is plenty of fish on the lake, so you can try your luck with a fishing pole.

Mammal Claylick: Mammals such as peccaries, tapirs and monkeys often gather to eat clay in this area.

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