Volunteer program

This volunteership is a great opportunity to have a bonding experience with the amazon. If you have 10 days or more to spare, you could take part in our volunteer program, which offers a special daily rate in exchange for volunteer work. We ask you to work for us for four hours a day, where you will be aiding in certain activities; the rest of your time is your own to enjoy bird watching, exploring the local forest trails, relaxing in a hammock or other activities.

Do you have a particular skill to offer? Do you think you can apply this to a volunteer work in the amazon? (e.g. experienced climbers- could you build a tree platform?) Contact us to design your own volunteer project. Volunteering in Peru will help to develop your skills and plans.

Necessary training and supervision is provided.

You can either come up with a proposal for a volunteering project, join some of the ongoing projects that are constantly being developed at Wasai, or just help on the day to day work of the lodge. Here are some examples of volunteer activities:

  • Trail clearing
  • Animal Welfare
  • Mapping
  • Tropical gardening
  • Wildlife Monitoring & Research
  • Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation
  • Translating
  • Painting signs and displays
  • forestry
  • Survey work
  • Cooking
  • Building bridges/ steps/ bird hides
  • Working on bird / mammal / plant checklists